Sunday, February 1, 2015

Prairie Springs XC Ski Trails - Cresco

The snow was good, but the strong winds did create some bare spots. Everything was rolled to try to hold what we received and to trap blowing snow. I have uploaded a map showing what was combed. These are the trails with the best conditions. The Bike Trail is good to the Meadow Cut Off Trail, then there are some bare spots. I would suggest taking the Cut Off and skiing the Meadow, Campground, Campground Road and Campground Trail, all good. Also, the Hill Trail is good, but you will probably want to do and out and back. The Dry Creek Trail is very good, and you can ski it to the Gully Cut Off that goes back up to the Meadow and Campground Trails. The Nature Center Trail and Loop are also combed. It's supposed to snow some more on Tuesday, so hopefully we can get the big equipment out then and set some track. Here's a map of the trails that are combed.  All trails have been rolled (not shown on this map) but there are marginal spots where the wind has blown them off.