Friday, December 7, 2018

Pilot Knob

The road through Pilot Knob State Park has been groomed for both skate and classic style skiing.  The classic track is a little rough due to low snow conditions.  But with the exception of a few sticks and leaves here and there, the skate deck should be pretty good.  B-skis only.

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  • Friday, October 12, 2018


    Could the ski season come early this year...

    Wednesday, March 7, 2018

    Cedar Falls/Waterloo Area

    Crust skiing is quite good with latest snowfall with underlying ice.   No grooming necessary, look for any grass area and go skiing.

    Skied at Gates Golf this morning and the skate skiing was quite good until it started getting too soft.

    Sunday, February 18, 2018

    Pilot Knob

    Both the skate deck and classic tracks were groomed this morning on the lake at Pilot Knob.  We received over 1" of snow Saturday morning.  It was great to get out and ski!  

    Friday, February 16, 2018

    Waterloo - Irv Warren Golf Course

    The Irv Warren ski trail was regroomed this morning by scratching up the icy surface from our latest warmup.   Skating was fairly decent considering how warm it got.   Classical ski track not reset due to lack of snow depth and now is mostly non-existent.

    Thursday, February 15, 2018

    Prairie Springs Nature Center - Cresco - Iowa Winter Games XC Races Cancelled!

    Due to two days of melting on trails that didn't have a lot of snow and no base, we are forced to cancel the rescheduled Winter Games Races for 2018 that were to be held this weekend - Feb. 17, 2018.  For additional information and photos of current conditions, check our Facebook.

    Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    Pinicon Ridge

    Skating and classic were perfect early this morning at Pinicon Ridge. The trail development there is noteworthy and the grooming was immaculate. Can't do anything about the thawing but the folks who did the work on those trails deserve a big thanks!

    Tuesday, February 13, 2018

    Pilot Knob

    Pilot Knob lake is in great shape for both classic and skate skiing.  Our local boy scout troop had their annual winter campout last weekend.   All had fun trying out cross country skiing.  We also set up a little Nerf gun competition in honor of the winter Olympics.

    Monday, February 12, 2018

    Waterloo Irv Warren

    Many thanks to those responsible for the grooming at Irv Warren. Skied both classic and skate this morning and conditions were soft but good. Had basically crossed off the Cedar Falls, Waterloo area from my skiing map with the abandonment of the trails at the local "state park" but Irv Warren is a refreshing option. Thanks again!

    Linn County Conservation Trails

    Morgan Creek has been rolled and groomed.
    Wickiup Hill has been rolled and groomed.
    Matsell Bridge has been rolled and groomed.
    Pinicon Ridge has been rolled and groomed.
    Squaw Creek has been rolled and groomed.

    Lots of people out on the trails, enjoy!

    Kent Park, Oxford, 2-12-18

    Kent Park, Oxford 2-12-18
    Skate lane groomed.
    No classic track set. 
    Thanks to grooming folk for freezing this morning!

    Ashton CCC, Iowa City 2-12-18

    Ashton CCC, Iowa City, 2-12-18
    Ashton skate deck has been groomed.
    Classic groove left alone for now as in good shape.
    Thanks Greg for suffering through the cold.

    Sunday, February 11, 2018

    Ashton, Kent Park, & MacBride 2-11-18

    All three are groomed; Ashton CCC, Kent Park, & MacBride MNRA!
    Skate deck groomed
    Classic track at Ashton is good, no classic at Kent Park.
    Thank you grooming folk. 

    Saturday, February 10, 2018

    MNRA MacBride, North Liberty 2-10-18

    MNRA MacBride, North Liberty 2-10-18
    Trails have been rolled.
    Thanks to Nick...

    Kent Park, Oxford 2-10-18

    Kent Park, Oxford 2-10-18
    Trails have been groomed, not sure if classic groove set. 

    Ashton CCC, Iowa City 2-10-18

    Ashton CCC, Iowa City, 2-10-18
    Trail groomed and classic groove set. 
    Compliments of Greg!

    Pilot Knob State Park

    Both the road and the lake have been groomed this morning.  The lake should be excellent today for both skating and classic skiing.  The road should be good for skating but the classic tracks are in poor shape due to shallow snow depth.

    Friday, February 9, 2018

    Prairie Springs XC Ski Trails

    Finally got a fairly decent snowfall. All trails have been groomed and skating should be decent. Classical track is good in places (like Bike Trail and Campground Road and Campground Trail but ground showing in bottom of track in other areas like the Meadow. Here are some pics so you can judge for yourselves. We have received about 8 inches since last Saturday.

    Crow Creek Park and Palmer Hills Golf Course

    Bettendorf, IA

    Trails at Crow Creek and Palmer were groomed today.  Ski conditions are very good with 2-3" of packed snow.  Crow Creek has both skate lane and classic track.  Palmer clubhouse is open for ski rentals and dining.  More snow expect this weekend.  Skiing should be good for the next week.

    Waterloo Irv Warren

    Tracked and groomed but a stiff north wind! Pretty firm, but that wind is blowing over tracks and a dog and bootwalker mucked up about 500 yards. Typical north Iowa conditions! 🙃

    Kent Park, Oxford 2-9-18

    Kent Park, Oxford 2-9-18
    Trails have been groomed.
    Thanks to Jason for the smoothing services.

    Thursday, February 8, 2018

    Linn County Conservation Trails

    Skiing tracks
      As of Wednesday afternoon.

       Pinicon Ridge, Flying Squirrel…tracks rolled
       Matsell Bridge – tracks are rolled
       Squaw Creek – Tracks are rolled
       Wickiup Hill –tracks are rolled and groomed   (no classic track yet)
       Morgan Creek –tracks are rolled and roomed (no classic track yet)

    With more snow anticipated for the weekend, this could be updated


    Ashon CCC, Iowa City 2-8-2018

    Ashton CCC Iowa City 2-8-2018
    Ashton has been groomed, no classic groove has been set due to lack of snow.
    There is a skier made Classic track for now.
    Please advise any foot traffic to stay off the ski trail.
    Thank you Greg Duethman for the AM grooming work.

    Wednesday, February 7, 2018

    Irv Warren Golf Course - Waterloo

    Skied Irv Warren this afternoon.   Good skating lane although conditions are soft.   No classical track set due to insufficient snow.

    Morgan Creek, Linn County 2-7-18

    Morgan Creek, Linn County 2-7-18
    Trails have been rolled at this time.
    Thanks to Jeremy for reporting. 

    Tuesday, February 6, 2018

    MNRA McBride, North Liberty 2-6-18

    MNRA McBride, Oxford 2–6-18
    McBride has been groomed but snow cover is thin.
    Not enough snow to set a classic groove.
    Our thanks to Geoff for the cold weather work. 

    Kent Park, Oxford 2-6-18

    Kent Park, Oxford 2-6-18
    Trails have been rolled at this time and awaiting more snow!
    Thanks to Jason for taking on the cold. 

    Irv Warren GC, Waterloo, 2-6-18

    Irv Warren GC, Waterloo 2-6-18
    Irv Warren trail was compacted and groomed on 2/6/18 at 8:30am.  Please access the trail from the Byrnes Pool parking lot.  Please do not ski over golf greens.  Snow is thin in some spots, additional snow will be needed before it can be groomed again.

    Ashton CCC Iowa City 2-6-18

    Ashton CCC, Iowa City 2-6-18
    Ashton has been rolled, tracks may be set later today depending upon snow depth.
    Please coach hikers, runners, etc to stay off the groomed ski path.
    Thanks to Greg Duethman for his cold weather work!