Thursday, December 31, 2015

Not Groomed, but skiable Trails in Webster City

Due to the holidays and inconsistent snow depths (from 1" to 8" due to wind) trails at Briggs Woods are not yet groomed. We plan to check again on Monday. However both the golf course marked 5k and the woodland loops appear to have enough snow for enjoyable skiing.

Wyth rolled for skating

Looks soft hope it'll set!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cedar Falls-George Wyth decent for classic; no skating

Nothing in George Wyth State Park has been groomed, but a lot of people (and dogs, and snow-shoers) have been out! We got a lot of snow and some fresh powder this morning. The classic tracks are good, but there are places where one might have to a ford some water...

I haven't checked out Irv Warren in Waterloo yet.
Linn County Conservation Ski Trails Update:
Morgan Creek is rolling today. Depending on how that goes we will determine the other parks.
Snow is gritty and not forming well.

Prairie Springs XC Ski Trails Cresco

We received 7 inches of snow. Heavy wind has created some thin spots, but most trails are sheltered and conditions are good. Skating lanes are very good on most trails. Classical track has some thin spots in open areas. We also don't have any base so that is a problem for the classic track.
We rolled both snowshoe trails on the south side of the river. The first time we have ever rolled the Hill Loop. It's beautiful up there in the winter, check it out.
Most ski trails have been combed and tracked on the north side of the river. We didn't groom the Minear Field Loop and we didn't groom the River Trail (there's some water that hasn't totally frozen yet in one section). We will try to get these trails all open by the end of the week. Enjoy!

(We groomed the ski trails last night so the picture taking was limited. :-)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Forest City golf course & Pilot Knob State Park

The golf course in Forest City and the road through Pilot Knob State Park have been groomed after about 7" or more of snow fell.  It sure is nice to have some snow!!

Bear Creek golf course

Pilot Knob State Park