Saturday, February 7, 2015

Decorah Parks Trail System

Skied Van Peenan Park Thursday evening and this morning (Saturday). Single and double classic tracks set and are in fair-good condition. Was re-groomed yesterday. Some wind blown areas are thin, so use "B" or rock skis, but track is solid and firm. I also skated on Trout Run Friday morning, which I would not recommend at this point, as it is groomed over pavement and although the snow is firm, it is not stable and you will push off onto the pavement easily. I also skied and then kicked off the Decorah Barnelopet this morning with 50 youngsters at the Decorah Prairie. Very good classic track set this morning and fun was had by all participants. Palisades Park is also groomed and tracked with skate lane, but I have not skied that one yet and have only done a drive by view.